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Brittany Davies

Psychologist, MEd, BA


I value a purpose-driven and authentic approach to the therapeutic experience. I am not here to psycho-analyze you or make assumptions about your lived experience, I am here to hold space, honour your challenges, and provide you with a safe environment to explore complicated experiences. Within the therapy space, I will support you as you make the adjustments that will bring you closer to a values-based life. I believe that lessons are best learned when explored through curiosity and acceptance, not judgment and fear. My goal is for every client to feel empowered to honour their individuality, celebrate their strengths, and connect to a meaningful life. 

The foundation to my therapy is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The main components are connected to exploring personal values, recognizing the things that might be keeping a client stuck, and developing flexible thinking. It is similar to a more well-known therapeutic modality called CBT where individuals learn how thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are interconnected, and recognize unhelpful patterns to shift the way their minds interpret the environment.  

​I also specialize in trauma re-processing, where I use techniques from Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Prolonged Exposure to support clients in restructuring how the brain interprets traumatic experiences. 

If that still sounds like a lot of "therapy talk", then I can summarize it like this... I like to work with humans, who go through human experiences, and I like to help them figure out how to connect to a meaningful life and sort out their challenges. I offer a relaxed approach to therapy and want my clients to have a positive experience in a comfortable environment - even when talking about difficult topics. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, let's connect!




Website: Davies Psychology


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