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Changing the way we think and talk about Mental Health in our Community. 

1 in 5 

people will experience a mental health challenge this year.

Mental Health impacts everyone.

Everyone deserves access to mental 

health support. 

Mental Health is equally as important and connected

to physical health.

We need to create space for more conversations on Mental Health in our community. 

Click the links below if you are looking to get connected to a therapist in our community. There are many options to consider:

  • Connect with a therapist from our own collective here.

  • Access lower cost therapy through an intern therapist here.

  • See what else is available in our community here

Reach out for help:

We have created a list of many local businesses and organizations that provide access to a wide range of supports. We will be updating this list as often as we can to make sure it is current. We know it will not have everything that is available, but we have tried to include as many as possible. Print this or share it to reference in the future. 


Get familiar with local supports available in our community 

We offer a variety of Mental Health education workshops for workplaces and groups. If you think your business would benefit from a workshop on Mental Health education, reach out to us for more information at

Get educated

We will never make the changes necessary to Mental Health in our community if we don't have open conversations with those around us. Check in with yourself and those in your circle to see how they are doing and how they are navigating the stresses of life. Mental Health impacts everyone, and we all deserve to feel seen, heard, and valued. Your mental health is important! 

Talk about it

What you can do:

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