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Mackenzie Hall

Psychologist, MC, BA


Mackenzie is a Registered Psychologist located in Central Alberta. In her practice, she primarily utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with some other modalities mixed in. ACT has become her favorite due to the focus of reconnection to our values, mindfulness practice, self-compassion and learning to make room for our emotions. Basically, let's learn how to bring ourselves back to the present moment, make space for the tough moments instead of fighting them and be kind to ourselves in the process. She is also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, which has been developed to address traumatic memories but is helpful for other struggles as well.

Mackenzie operates from the perspective that you know yourself best and therefore you are the expert here. She's here to explore with you, provide support and share some new coping skills - not to label or tell you how to "fix yourself" (you're a human, not a broken toaster). Mackenzie's ultimate goal is to provide you a safe space where you can begin to reconnect with yourself, feel empowered and create a sense of safety from within.

When Mackenzie is not working, you can often find her in the mountains with her husband and two pups, hiking, exploring, enjoying a cup of coffee and eating delicious food (and yes, the pups get some too).



Website: Thyme Therapy

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