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Managing Stress



Program Detials

The negative impacts of stress have a direct effect on worker productivity and personal life.

Society is rapidly changing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. This leads to higher levels of stress and decreased levels of mindful productivity.


This workshop will highlight the impacts of stress and a common language for how stress affects the body and personal wellbeing. Without any awareness in identifying stressors and having a plan to manage them, the cycle of stress continues, and can often lead to burn out.


  • Explore boundaries in navigating work/life balance

  • Identifying stressors through self-evaluation

  • Explore personal values

  • Build communication skills to ask for support

  • Develop a self-care plan to support work/life balance and honour personal values.

  • Create a personalized ‘stress reduction’ kit to utilize at work

When it comes to therapy, there is so much more than just a traditional one-on-one setting. We advocate for and provide a modern perspective on therapy that encourages a variety of delivery approaches in order to move mental health beyond the clinical office. Our goal is to help community members not only work through their day-to-day struggles but also empower them to be their most authentic selves in order to better cultivate individual growth and fulfillment. Together we will shift perspectives on mental health—both personally and professionally—by showing how therapeutic tools can be readily utilized in our everyday lives.


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