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Shawna Campos

Therapy Intern

Supervisor: Selena Backman, R. Psych


Hi, my name is Shawna Campos. I am currently a registered therapeutic counsellor and counselling therapist working towards the completion of the Masters of Arts Counselling Psychology Program through Yorkville University. I have the great honour of being supervised by Selena Backman through the practicum component of this graduate program.


I have had the privilege of working with at-risk youth and their families in different therapeutic settings since 2009. As I specialise in youth addictions, I am an absolute believer in change, growth, and goal achievement. Change and growth is a process, and when given the opportunity I create breathing room for individuals to identify their challenges, their strengths, their needs, and their wants; supporting them through that journey of self discovery and affirmation. I am passionate about people, and youth in particular. The abundance of opportunity and possibility they possess drives my practice to not only support youth but all individuals that cross paths, support, and encourage youth in our community.


As a first generation Canadian, born to immigrant parents, I respect and value the beautiful cultural diversity Canada offers. Balancing and developing a blended understanding about my familial collectivist upbringing and the individualistic Canadian culture surrounding me, has been a great challenge and blessing in my life; which created a passion to learn and support the cultural challenges of immigrants, first generation Canadians, and refugees. 


I practise from a multi-lens approach; naturally leaning towards a humanistic, emotion focused, family systems, strength based therapeutic lens. I love to learn, and truly believe learning is a lifelong journey. I love to learn about the individuals and families I get the opportunity to work with, and am grateful for every chance I get to meet and support anyone from our community.


As a lifelong proud community member of Red Deer, I share my life here with three amazing young gentlemen that I get the absolute privilege to call my sons. Motherhood has not come naturally to me, but despite the constant challenges surrounding being an effective, regulated, and emotionally available mother, I can honestly say it has been and continues to be my proudest achievement. I can often be heard saying that the journey of a thousand steps begins with one, then another, and another. Hope you recognize that you have begun your therapeutic journey by taking this first step of seeking information and support!

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