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Social Shift Therapy and Wellness was originally founded by Brittany Davies of Davies Psychology  and her husband Jon Davies. Together, they have created a space for independent mental health practitioners to run their own private practices while working within a supportive collective. Our collective of therapists all have a shared vision of providing effective therapy and mental health support in our community. 


Our team of registered professional therapists offers personalized therapy services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. With therapy customized to the individual's values, our holistic approach helps people create meaningful change in their lives with respect, understanding, and compassion. Through mental health wellness, we strive to bridge the gap that many members of our community face when searching for meaningful therapy.

Red Deer Psychologists and Therapists

Welcome to Social Shift

You don't have to struggle with your mental health on your own anymore. Our collective of therapists are here to support you on your mental health journey. We are a collaborative group of independent therapists, each in their own private practices, that are committed to shifting the mental health of our community in Red Deer and virtually across the province of Alberta.  

If you are not sure how to determine which therapist would be a good fit or what type of support you need, we can help. Just answer a few quick questions and we will get back to you with suggestions on the right therapist for you. 

Modern Mental Health. Supporting individuals to integrate mental wellbeing into their daily lives.


Mental Health Therapy

At Social Shift, licensed therapists provide a relatable approach to guide clients toward their most authentic selves. Our safe and peaceful therapy space empowers clients to be experts in their own lives.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Now, more than ever, mental health in the workplace is an essential factor in increased work satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. Start a new journey and create a modern and supportive work environment.

Workshops & Events

Mental wellness and lifestyle are deeply intertwined. Through carefully curated online events and workshops, you will discover new ways to utilize your skills and design a meaningful, connected life.

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