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About Social Shift

Social Shift Therapy and Wellness was founded to help bridge the gap that many people in our community face when trying to find mental health support. Our team of registered, professional therapists, offer exceptional counselling and have a mixture of specialties that will help support you in your specific needs. Our therapists will honour you as the expert in your life, and support you as you design a life that aligns to your values. Our varied approach to wellness is rooted in the relational act of therapy and counselling and also includes groups, workshops, and community events. We work primarily with individuals, couples, and groups and have partnerships with community organizations, local businesses, school districts and non-profit organizations.


Social Shift was created to help you define a sense of wellbeing that is as unique as you are. We aim to provide you with opportunities to discover your strengths, create balance, and continue to work towards becoming your favourite self.

Our Values

Community & belonging
Connection & collaboration
Worth & value


Financial Well-being

Grief and Loss

Teen Mental Health

Emotional Well-being

Our Team Strives to:

Provide quality care in a safe and inclusive environment free of judgment. 

Empower individuals to live an authentic life based on your values

Build on skills and strengths to support meaningful change

Eliminate mental health stigma and build community

Support teams to grow and develop a passion for people-centred workplaces

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