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Workshops & Events

We have worked to create a safe space for our community, beyond the therapy space. We believe therapy is an important solution to many mental health concerns, but we know that it is not the only solution. Mental health care is more than therapy. We believe that mental wellness and lifestyle are deeply intertwined. Through carefully curated online events and workshops, you will discover new ways to utilize your skills and design a meaningful, connected life. This is why we have also developed a variety of workshops and events to support mental health and community building.

Experience the Social Shift

Our team of committed therapists will support you as you develop helpful coping skills to meet the therapeutic goals you are working towards. You will be supported as you align with your values and work towards your healing and resolution.

Mental Health First Aid

This is a 2-day certification from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Mental Health Basics

A half-day seminar on building a foundational understanding of Mental Health and how it impacts your life and work.

Self Care

Actionable strategies to emphasize and prioritize your wellbeing - personally and professionally.

Modern Mindfulness

This workshop is designed for busy professionals trying to balance multiple priorities and simplify their life. 

Managing Stress

The demands of life can quickly become difficult to navigate. It can be easy to let overwhelm take over.

Clear Communication

Explore ways to work as a team and build connections that foster growth and promote authentic communication.

Service Industry

An interactive workshop designed specifically to support the unique challenges faced by the service industry. 

Workplace Mental Health

Employee well-being is a vital part of a healthy work environment. Learn how to support mental health in the workplace and develop actionable strategies to support workplace wellness.

Lunch & Learns

A quick but powerful way to build mental health understanding on special topics optimized to fill the lunch hour. 


Value-based living

Grief and Loss

Teen Mental Health

Emotional Well-being

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